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"Families Are Forever" Primary Wristbands - SENIOR Primary Size
"Families Are Forever" Primary Wristbands - SENIOR Primary Size
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Affiliate Program - Frequently Asked Questions Affiliate Program - Frequently Asked Questions
LDS Greats has compiled this info so that you may be better informed about our affiliate program.

If you have any questions please Contact Us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it cost anything to be an Affiliate Partner?
A. NO! There are no fees of any kind to become an Affiliate Partner. You get paid for any sale made when a visitor from your site purchases any of our products. Even if this person doesn't buy immediately, but waits up to 60 days to return to and make the purchase, you will still get 10% per sale. There are no hidden costs to you for joining our Affiliate Partner Program. It's easy and you can begin earning money today.. top

Q. How long before my order starts?
A. We will approve your website and traffic will start going to your website within 24-48 hours during normal business hours. top

Q. Promotion of LDS Greats?
A. You will be provided all the links and banners for you to place on your website and use in your promotions. You may not change or alter any banners provided without written permission from LDS Greats. Please do not SPAM. Anyone caught spamming will be immediately removed from the Affiliate Program and all commissions will be forfeited. top

Q. Processing of Orders?
A. We will process all customer orders that come from your website. In order to receive commissions on their purchases, please make sure you have your affiliate links all have your affiliate ID Number. top

Q. Referral Commissions?
A. We will pay you 10% commission on each customer purchase from your website link. When a new affiliate joins the LDS Greats Affiliate Program by clicking on your link, you will be paid 10% of all the sales they make.

We will pay you every month on Saturday and no later than the following Monday.  Once you have made $25 or more in sales for that month, you will be eligible for payment. If you made less than $25, you will be paid the next month when you have made at least $25 in commissions. In the event that we issue a customer refund, we will deduct the commission amount from your commissions.

We make all our affiliate payments through Paypal or Direct Bank Transfers. Please sign up for Paypal (It is a FREE service) at in order to receive your affiliate payment.

If you are a merchant, find out more about PayPal merchant accounts here: top

Q. Changes in Prices?
A. We advise against putting links on your website that quote a price from LDS Greats as we might change the prices regularly in order to stay competitive. We will not be held accountable by any customer linking to us from your website quoting a specific product price they might have seen on your website.

Q. Tax Purposes?
A. For those living in the United States, it is your responsibility to keep an account of your earnings and file your Federal and State taxes based upon your earnings made through LDS Greats.

United States residents will file a Form 1099. You can receive the forms by going to
Those living outside United States should file according to their country tax procedures. top

Q. Disclaimer?
A. We do not guarantee any sales through your affiliation with LDS Greats. Your success is based on your advertising efforts.

  • -Any confidential information including our special affiliate sales, prices etc. will remain confidential and not be used for any other purposes other than those stated in the information agreement.

  • -We will not be liable for any loss of revenue, special or consequential damages arising from connection to this agreement.

  • -You hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless LDS Greats and all it's affiliates from and against any and all claims, demands, losses, liabilities, damages or expenses whatsoever.

  • -We reserve the right to modify this agreement if the need arises and at which time, you will be notified of the changes and be asked to view the Affiliate Terms & Conditions.

  • -There are no commissions on the CPL Acquisition Leads, Extreme Targeting and products listed on the "Advertise with us" page.
  • top

    Q. What is the Refund Policy?
    A. There will be no other refunds, otherwise stated here. Remember, we cannot guarantee sales or signups. It is up to your website to do the selling. top

    Q. Can I profit by using your service?
    A. Although we cannot guarantee any sales, customers have told us that they have had from a 0.1%-1% response rate. Assuming you had a product that people wanted and were willing to pay for and you made a $20 profit on each sale, with a 0.1% response rate (1 sale per 1,000 visitors) the following hypothetical scenario would result:

    # of
    Your Sales
    Your Net
    20,000 $129 $400 $271 210%
    40,000 $220 $800 $580 264%
    100,000 $499 $2,000 $1,501 301%
    500,000 $1,699 $10,000 $8,301 486%
    1,000,000 $2,999 $20,000 $17,001 567%
    ROI: Rate of Return =  (Net Profit / Advertising Cost ) x 100

    Please realize that the above scenario is hypothetical and does not guarantee that you will achieve results as shown above. It all depends on if your product or business offer is what customers are looking for. top

    Q. What page should I send my visitors?
    A. It depends. Would you like to brand your company name so that people remember who you are, so whenever they need the product you are offering they would come to you first? In this case, it would be best to send visitors to your homepage.
    For increasing sales and signups, unless if your homepage does a great job of grabbing your visitors' attention and selling your product or service, we suggest that you create a full page ad or special offer page that catches their eyes so they respond well to your offer.

    Always give your visitors a good reason to stay on your site and take action. So remember to create an objective that grabs their attention. top

    Q. Do you send me banner impressions?
    A. No! Select The product you would like to Promote and place a the banner on your site. top

    Q. Can nonprofit groups join the program?
    A. Absolutely! Nonprofit groups can use this free program for lucrative fundraising while helping their visitors find LDS Greats service and great products. top

    Q. Does your web site qualify?
    A. Almost all web sites will qualify to participate, please note content is required, you cannot just redirect to our site. We also ask that you do not submit web sites deemed unsuitable, such as:

  • Sites that promote sexually explicit material
  • Sites that participate in or promote any illegal activity. top

    Q. What's this about preferred partners?
    A. We reward our Affiliate Partners. We will often have special promotions, extra commissions and prizes for our Affiliate Partners. Our preferred partner program is just one of those. Don't worry, as an active Affiliate Partner we will keep you posted about the latest incentives and promotions. top

    Q. Can I buy through my own site?
    A. Yes. You and anyone you know can purchase via your site. All completed sales will result in commissions for you. The bottom line is, the better you fit our advertisments to your website, the more money you make. It's that simple. Ready to sign up? Sign Up to get started. top

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