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Pillars of My Faith By Richard Cracroft Topic: Holy Ghost as Guide & Messenger
The testimonies of innumerable men and women who have left a record of their witness, of their Spiritual Surprises, live anew in each occurrence where our God presses close, for they spring from the Great Pattern. When they are heeded by the faithful, who place themselves in God's hand, these Surpri...
Published: Wednesday 26 September, 2007
Work We Must, But the Lunch Is Free by Hugh W. Nibley Topic: Repentance & Growth
In all the law of Moses with its perpetual concern for giving and receiving there is never any mention whatever of who deserves what, whether rich or poor, or who is worthy to receive what he needs–God "maketh his sun to rise on the evil and the good,... the just and on the unjust" (Matthew 5:45). N...
Published: Wednesday 26 September, 2007
Patience by NEAL A. MAXWELL Topic: Repentance & Growth
Patience is not indifference. Actually, it means caring very much but being willing, nevertheless, to submit to the Lord and to what the scriptures call the "process of time."

Patience is tied very closely to faith in our Heavenly Father. Actually, when we are unduly impatient we are suggest...
Published: Wednesday 26 September, 2007
A Robe, a Ring, and a Fatted Calf by JEFFREY R. HOLLAND Topic: Repentance & Growth
In short, I wish to speak to you of the redeeming love of Christ and why His gospel is indeed the "good news." Because of Him we can rise above past problems, blot them out, watch them die if we are willing to have it so.

I am not sure what your most painful memories might be. I'm certain th...
Published: Wednesday 26 September, 2007
The Doer of Our Deeds and the Speaker of Our Words by Thomas Topic: Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
...It seems as though a change is needed at the very fountain of my heart out of which all thought and emotion rise. Could I actually come to the point where I could act without calculating my own self-interest all the time? Could I really live my daily life so that I was constantly searching out th...
Published: Wednesday 26 September, 2007
Why the Church is As True As the Gospel by Eugene England Topic: Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
I was twelve and sitting near the front because my father was being sustained as a high councilor in a newly formed stake.... I had just turned around in my seat to tease my sister who was sitting behind me, when I felt something, vaguely familiar, burning at the center of my heart and bones and the...
Published: Wednesday 26 September, 2007
The Uses of Adversity by Carlfred Broderick Topic: Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
...I do not want you to believe that bad things will not happen to you. And when that happens, I do not want you to say that God was not true. Or, to say, ‘They promised me in Primary, they promised me when I was a Mia Maid, they promised me from the pulpit that if I were very, very good, I would be...
Published: Wednesday 26 September, 2007
Early Accounts of Jesus' Childhood by Hugh W. Nibley Topic: Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
...these childhood sayings of Jesus do represent the oldest, pre-Synoptic, Christian record...The Latter-day Saint reader cannot but note striking parallels between the early anti-Christian scandal stories and the Palmyra tales about the Joseph Smith family.
Published: Wednesday 26 September, 2007
One Step Enough by John S. Tanner Topic: Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
...Now, lest anyone think these examples of faith too remote, I wish now to speak more personally, sharing my own experiences and those of others who have influenced me. I do so not to boast but to bear witness of heaven’s mercies and miracles. I do so in gratitude to God and with the hope that my e...
Published: Tuesday 11 September, 2007
BELIEVING CHRIST by Stephen E. Robinson Topic: Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
...Sometimes, to have faith in Christ is also to believe Christ. Both as a bishop and as a teacher in the Church, I have learned there are many that believe Jesus is the Son of God and that he is the Savior of the World, but that he cannot save them.
Published: Monday 10 September, 2007
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